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Coffin Birth
I couldn't even tell you
shock value
she cleans the television screen
leans in to hear the quiet screams
a house fire on the other side of town.
I couldn't even show her
dead motor
we stare beyond the dashboard
pulled apart from blunt force
I promised to take you away from here.
I never tried to reach them
prickling with cold from her new death
lifting up the blankets to remind me of when she was still fresh
the girl I had chosen to be with
I promised I would take her away from here.
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 0 0
Diary of a Mortuary Assistant
Diary Entry No. 1
     The basement is colder than I expected it to be. But the cracked, lifeless eyes of the deceased that enter our Parlour of Death (Roger's nickname for it) provide a weird release that takes my mind off the cold. Oh sweet loss of life! How your treasures tantalise me!
     Roger believes my attitude is improving. Perhaps this is because I have taken to sucking his dick more often.
No news otherwise.
Diary Entry No. 2
     One of the bodies actually went missing today. Roger called it 'a nightmare' (I thought he meant because it might have turned out to be a Zombie, but Roger says stuff like that only happens in movies. I thought it was a fine suggestion.) In the end we'd just gotten a bunch of toe-tags mixed up and had given at least 5 corpses the wrong IDs.
     Sometimes I like to invent lives for the corpses. Like Harry the cleaner who fell down a fl
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 2 1
     the horizon never looked so close &
none of those photos looked like us stop
    pointing your camera at me &
surge through
  the waves crashing down
on her &
      she never looked so
close to the goal. the beautiful climax
  burst forth from you  &
        turned to dust in the flash the band
plays on
     &  on.
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 4 7
Home: An Appreciation.
In a city as dense and compacted as this one, it was always hard to find an abode to settle down and set up shack in. We moved from place-to-place like the whole tired, contrived routine was going out of style. We found palaces and we found prisons. We sought out the ritzy apartments of the inner-city and the sprawling, lazy Queenslanders of the suburbs, always rolling into the new set-up like we already had the Heat at our heels, frightening the neighbours and bringing in a horrific tirade of dead-beat shit-stirrers who liked to munch away on our left-overs.
We'd slam the unsuspecting nights against our beating chests and embrace them with all the passion in the world, stamping our home-brewed realities with our own distinguisable mark.
Echoes of our Hell-bent evenings and body-stoned mornings would skulk around our previous haunts for years to come, long after the Rent-Man had shot his final Hurrah straight into the back of our heads. The future tenants of our discarded rooms would n
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 0 5
The Sum of Love
Hollow from the thump,
the bumps and groans at night.
My body lifted, thrown aground,
we get the angle right.
We make the calculations,
we remember to carry the one,
we settle down at the correct degree
and this is how we make love.
We time our glances accordingly,
we remember to vary the pace.
We rotate when the time is right,
we avoid the other's face.
I lift my hand to touch your hair,
you put yours on my hip.
I remove, and touch your back instead,
you choose when we lock lips.
I moan, you whimper in reply.
I arch my back on cue.
We keep our heads upon the pillows,
I keep my eyes on you.
I stiffen, you grunt frustratedly.
I furrow my brows and wait.
You lift my legs and  spin me 180,
I keep my back dead-straight.
Hollow from the thump,
the bumps and groans at night.
My body, lifted, thrown aground,
we get the angle right.
We make the calculations,
we remember the carry the one,
we settle down at the correct degree
and this is how we make love.
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 3 8
Winter for the Homeless
Winter for the homeless
was the word upon the streets.
In a hundred different moments
we were bruised, but never beat.
Faint and close to pavement,
we were the litter on the roads.
Shot-down, forlorn and hungry,
we took the performance to the show.
I was a while yonder,
bound down by shade and air,
contracting and releasing.
I stole the steps from all the stairs.
A chasm was vibrating,
sending out all sorts of noise.
Paid daily for the transport,
I accepted and enjoyed.
Strapped on, heart-beats were failing.
Jolted quickly to the floor,
wail higher, little solider.
They’ll hear you for years more.
Protrude and open knowingly.
Remember all the chalk.
They will show you what the door looks like
but they won’t tell you what it’s for.
Factually, it was a nightmare,
but in dream it made more sense.
You’ll wake and remember fleetingly,
the chapters, and pretence.
Onslaughts are teachers, and shadily
they’ll creep in, and make their mark.
Choose wisely, and mind the h
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 5 11
Untited -Chapter One-
Chapter One
The first thing I noticed when I stepped off the bus and my shoe-trapped feet hit the freshly air-born dirt of this nowhere town was you.  I witnessed you candidly discussing the state of the world today with the beasts and the air.
"Today," your eyes spun wildly, discovering the back of your skull,
"Today I read the newspaper and I felt that I had been warned."
You looked earnestly into the seraphic eyes of the ginger cat rubbing itself against your calves.
"Today I read the newspaper and I felt that I had been warned. But today I also chose to live and I will continue to witness the slow demise of the only world I will ever know."
After this I was only privy to a few erratic sentences that wafted thickly on the fat air of the most recent pit-stop on my journey across the country, but, in my current state of intrigue, I didn't move.
"...and the fire never did go out."
I heard you mutter distractedly as you turned your heels and got lost in your own dust tr
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 1 2
The Saint
Treasure under
charcoal skies
hide a river paved with gold.
Tumescent folds,
scarred pathway found,
clay silk just built to mould.
Shrouded deep in smokey waves,
storms leave me in disarray.
Scattered soundwaves
consume my sight
and his night became my day.
Shredded to pieces
on leopard skin,
tumbled swiftly to the sea.
Consume my wreckage,
blind me with twilight,
I am your mystery.
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 1 1
Deep-Sea Diver
Marvel onwards
we tremble sky-bound
with metal in our veins.
Air is fetid,
stuck in cycles.
We submit all to the waves.
Shouting strangers
rule in public,
in their lonesome bedroom dreams.
Careening softly,
we barely made it.
Soon another moment leaves.
Say goodnight and go.
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 2 7
Girl of my Dreams
Hecklers hassle in the streets
in this humid ocean town.
We're on the run
from daughters and sons
we no longer want to be.
Memories cut out
at the point
when life turned into this.
Our modern songs
turned into sing-a-longs
while we were day-tripping out of here.
A momentary lapse
on the sunny side
let strangers see the truth.
We're too dumb to be sane
in these dying days
when we've seen the greener grass.
Managing to constantly
steal the show
during our shock-fest vanity trip.
I gave in to the slide
as I lost my mind
and greeted the abyss.
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 1 5
Run with the Hunted
Shot through
Spent on warning.
Four days left to
sink it in.
Dumb struck
by bright white lightning
as they witnessed
petty crims.
No answers for the jury.
A whining crew at best.
Set sail for the morning
we ain't even halfway yet.
Tripped long
fuzzy wasted evenings.
Dates were set for
Blast off scream.
Sat on roadsides
breathing loudly.
We're only here until we leave.
Curtains swayed
in summertime
too quick to catch the chill.
Carpet wasted
on the sidewalk.
Room service wasted on the filth.
Failure ballad crooners
sunk shallow in the wires.
Tuning in anyway
We submit all to the liars.
Bored and sombre scenery
slid thick like
ice-cream cone.
Riding faster
we caught the horizons.
We're only here until we go.
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 3 4
Dirty Morning
I am the soul connector
to the languish
that is night.
I am the one transpirer
of the wisdom
of the fight.
I am the neon lasers
that spit heat
and fire and light.
I am the deafening silence
that is the void
you left behind.
You were the dusty sunrise
four days gone
on winding road.
You were the beauty left
in all the diamonds
that I own.
You were the softness left
in my heart
that's hard as stone.
You were the static around me
when I inhaled
in my home.
We were the audience you needed
when your house
became your Hell.
We were the information
when you didn't know
or couldn't tell.
We were the medication
that soothed
your battered health.
We were the lucky Ace
in all the bad hands
you were dealt.
It was the subtle ending
to a life
you left behind.
It was the gentle touch
for all those who came
and cried.
It was a beautiful song
that summed you up
in time.
It was all the fading shadows
you managed
to hide behind.
This is the beautiful future
they write about
in songs.
This is the reassura
:iconmemphis-poison:Memphis-Poison 9 14
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Maybe you will show my pictures to a boy who said he loved me when we were young,
and has become used to remembering me.
Maybe you will show my pictures to my grandparents, let them know I loved to have fun,
had friends that cared,
a world for them to share.
Maybe you will put my picture in a frame, a face your new friends can't name
they will wonder why I never come to your parties.
Maybe you will talk quietly to me, all the things you never said
kept safe with the dead
and I will be there for you.
Maybe you will ignore my picture, let it become a wall-hanging in a house you spend most of your time away from
and I will gather dust in your kitchen
and I will gather dust in my 2D world.


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